Video: Engineers teach F1 race car to 'hum' U.S. anthem

People have a hard enough time singing the Star Spangled Banner. Usually they will start at too high a pitch and run out of steam, or simply forget the words. No problem for the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, which yesterday delivered this, uh, note-perfect rendition on the banks of the Hudson River, with the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop.

To "sing" the anthem, the engineers programmed the engine management software to step the engine's speed up and down hitting all the right notes. Because it's such a wide ranging song, they needed every bit of an F1 car's 18,000 rpm rev limit to hit the high notes. Of course the car didn't sing the words, which could have come out in German — Red Bull Racing is based in Austria.

The team was in town to promote the off again, and now apparently on again 2013 Grand Prix of America, which is scheduled to run along the New Jersey waterfront near the Statue of Liberty in June of next year.

Red Bull USA, via Gizmodo

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