Eco-friendly 3D printer churns out buildings made of sand

In recent years Bruce Sterling, one of the fathers of cyberpunk, has shifted his interests toward imagined cities in which the buildings have walls made out of greenery and fungi. Now a design team has stumbled on to a building process that could eventually make such a world a reality.

The Stone Spray Robot was originally devised by a group of architects as a way to print eco-friendly 3D mockups of architectural designs, but what it has inadvertently revealed is a potential peek at the future of building eco-friendly structures. The Stone Spray uses a jet spray system to deploy a soil and liquid binder mix to construct architectural shapes. And as if that wasn't eco-friendly enough, the team also claims the device runs on solar power.

At this point, the process delivers a less than habitable result, but it's easy to see the potential for real buildings as this technology evolves. You can see the Stone Spray Robot in action in the video below.

via Designboom

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