Dresden unveils a 90-foot long bus

In the totally heated race for the longest bus in the world, China has fallen behind. China recently unveiled an 82-foot long bus (which is insane), and Dresden decided to go ahead and top it. The city just test drove the Autotram Extra Grand, a 30 meter long bus. That's about 90 feet.

The bus can carry 256 passengers and can actually be driven by any bus driver, no special license required. That's because it has a computer with a special, computerized steering system.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Transportation and Infrastructure has no fears about how it handles on crowded city streets. In fact, the only concern is how such an unfathomably long bus will affect city traffic.

It's far cheaper than a train, so there's some talk of it catching on in place of them.

Time'll tell. For now, there's one heck of a long bus out there, which frankly sounds pretty fantastic. Being able to always nab a seat during my morning commute seems more than worth it.

Via The Local

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