Donkey Kong shelves, perfect for your retro gaming dream-room

If you don't want to leap over barrels while looking for a cool place to stash all of your retro video game stuff, consider this Donkey Kong shelving unit from designer Igor Chak, styled to look just like the screen layout in the original Donkey Kong.

The shelves are, thankfully, safer than in the game, with no barrels rolling down trying to smush you. Unfortunately there's no Pauline waiting at the top to be rescued from the clutches of Donkey Kong either, so all you aspiring Mario's won't have anything too exciting to chase after.

Chak got the look just right, with the red squiggly lines along each shelf, and green ladders connecting the levels together. He even installed a TV on the rendering, so you can play the arcade version in the middle of his tableau.

No word on whether Chak plans to eventually put this into production. The good news however is that he currently has his Space Invaders couch up for sale, so I guess he does move his toys along eventually.

Igor Chak, via Apartment Therapy

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