Homemade DeLorean hovercraft rolls out after two years of work

The beloved DeLorean refuses to stay in the '80s. After showing off its new electric grills and monster truck wheels, the DeLorean is back in its latest incarnation: a water-conquering hovercraft.

It took two years to build from start to finish, but Matthew Riese's DeLorean hovercraft is finally complete. Back in 2010, Riese asked for help from the the Kickstarter community and after 150 pledgers contributed, he surpassed his $5,500 goal with $5,644 raised.

Last Friday, the DeLorean hovercraft made its debut at a cove just outside of the San Francisco baseball stadium. For Riese, his new ride was not without any hiccups:

"That was the first time I had it on the water for long enough to start to learn how to drive it. At one point I just barely stopped short of hitting some rocks, then side-swiped a big rock trying to get away. The damage was surprisingly minor, but then a minute later the lift engine died. I'm still not sure why that happened, but I think some water got in either the air intake or the ignition electronics. The thrust fan still worked and I used it to slowly push the craft back to the boat ramp."

Despite the fact that Riese managed to reach his target Kickstarter goal, he says he still went into debt to complete the DeLorean hovercraft. Dude is looking for a job right now, so help a bro out if you know of any openings. Hey, maybe he'll let you pilot his one-of-a-kind after it gets patched up.

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