Daily discounts now invading your car's dashboard

Ford and daily deal startup Roximity have just launched their latest deal-finding app that integrates into Ford's Microsoft-developed connected car platform, Sync. Depending on who you are, you'll see this as sheer genius or sheer distraction.

Roximity is like other daily discount services on steroids. The app finds the deals and pushes them to you as you get close by to the business. The new app does the same thing, but if you use it in conjunction with a Ford Sync equipped vehicle, you'll get all the deal information via your dashboard, along with other services Sync offers.

You can customize the experience by instructing the Roximity app via voice command to hone in on particular types of deals, which keeps your eyes and hands where they should be. It could be fashion, restaurant deals, bars, gas stations and just about any business that offers a deal. The results — selected from a pre-determined radius — then pop up in your Sync interface.

We all know there are lots of daily deal offerings out there. There are even ones that are location based. But Roximity is the first one that interfaces with your car — which makes it that much easier for you to actually act on the offer since you are already out and about. Roximity sealed that crucial deal by winning the Ford Sync App Developer Challenge held last year.

If you're deal crazy and adventurous, you're going to love having information fed to you as you're driving around. If, on the other hand you'd prefer not to be distracted while you drive (or don't even like ads on the radio), this thing could make you crazy. At least it's user initiated, so the power is yours.

Roximity, via GigaOm

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