Video: Crush-resistant bed protects you during an earthquake

The biggest danger during an earthquake is getting crushed by stuff falling around you. That's why experts will tell you to take cover under furniture or in a doorway. Better still would be to have a special crush-resistant place to hide, like this 65-ton seismic bed.

The unfortunately named Wood Luck bed is not made from high strength steel like you might expect, but uses specially aged cedar instead. It's all held together with some pretty beefy looking metal fittings, and the maker says that the bed can support 65 tons of pressure. That should be able to shrug off a few piles of construction material with ease.

The bed shown in the video is a single, but maker Shinko Industries does make a wider double if you want to be with your partner as your world collapses around you. Most people spend close to half of their time at home in bed, so the chances are pretty good that you'll already be in the right spot when the shaking starts.

In Japan, the Wood Luck bed sells for about $5,600. That's a lot for a bed, but cheap for the peace of mind it would provide in an earthquake-prone area.

Home Harmonizing, via DigTV Info

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