Coolest slot car racing track sits on top of a real 1969 Camaro

This isn't your childhood Hot Wheels slot car track — that was okay when you were a kid. This slot car racing track, built by Slot Mods, is for the big boys and girls. You see, adults don't play with their toy cars on the floor, they race them on top of detailed slot tracks modded on old defunct 1969 Camaros. Welcome to the big leagues, kid!

Keen readers will recognize Slot Mods as the company that made the incredible slot car racing track inside of a Porsche 917. Well, they're back and their latest is even better.

Commissioned by Bobby Rahal , the 1969 Camaro slot car racing track was unveiled at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

It would have been awesome if the Camaro was actually capable of moving itself, but alas, that's just wishful thinking. If I had a slot car racing track like this when I was a kid, I might never have grown up.

YouTube, via Autoblog

(Thanks, Luis!)

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