Cookoo Watch keeps you in touch with your smartphone

Berlin, Germany — How many times has your phone rung but you didn't hear it because it was in your pocket? Or not realized you had a meeting? Or not realized how low the battery was?

You can solve all these and other smartphone-in-pocket/bag problems by wearing this not so cookoo (as in clock bird, not cookoo crazy) watch, which I spotted on the floor at the IFA electronics show here.

Small backlit icons appear on the Cookoo Watch's face to alert you to nearly all the things your smartphone can alert you to but go unseen because you don't walk around carrying the phone in your hand staring at it (at least I hope not).

So, if your phone rings, the watch tells you. If you have an upcoming appointment, the watch tells you. If your phone is running low on power, if you have an incoming text, email or social media message, if you're leaving your home and forgot to grab your phone, the watch tells you.

But wait, there's more. You also can use to set a self-timer on your phone's camera, or helps you locate a misplaced phone.

With the Android or iOS app, you control what alerts you get and don't get. Personally, I'd just want it to tell me when someone's trying to call me. It'd be enough to get me to wear a watch again after 30 years of going bare-wristed.

When it becomes available in November for $130, Cookoo Watch will arrive in a variety of colored bands in its own little birdhouse.

Posted on location at IFA 2012 in Berlin. All images by Stewart Wolpin for DVICE.

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