Case turns your iPod Touch into an iPhone and a hotspot

There are a number of ways to acquire and use an iPhone without a contract, but most of them require some clever workaround. Now a new device promises to give you the functionality of the iPhone for the low cost of the iPod Touch.

The Freedompop is essentially a case for your iPod Touch that gives it access to a 4G network, allowing you to conduct Skype video chats and phone calls, stream music and video, and share the signal with up to eight other devices. The case costs just $99 and access to the Freedompop network is free up to the first gigabyte of data usage. After that data limit, the price jumps to $10 per gigabyte.

The deal, which requires no contract and can be canceled anytime, is perfect for frequent travelers as well as those who are looking to ditch their long-term phone contracts. You can learn more about the Freedompop iPod Touch case in the video below.

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