Camouflage robot can disappear into any background in seconds

Up until now we've had no problem with scientists working to give us robots that can swim, run, jump and even scale walls. But when robots that can camouflage themselves to disappear into the scenery start popping up, it may be time to get a little nervous.

Researchers at Harvard recently unveiled a new version of their bendy crawling robot that can quickly inject its body with pigment designed to mimic the scenery it's sitting on, effectively making it invisible. The tiny channels that pump the pigment into the robot's body can also be filled with temperature-specific fluids, allowing the robot to also escape thermal detection. Alternately, the robot can be filled with fluorescent liquid, allowing it to glow in the dark.

Thankfully, these are still lab experiments not likely to see real world application for some time. But in the meantime you can check out footage of the robot glowing as it trudges through the dark and blending into a rock field with convincing effect.

ScienceMag via BBC

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