ThinkGeek will now pay you up to $1 million for cool concepts

From the people who brought us Canned Unicorn Meat and the playable Electronic Rock Guitar T-shirt, comes a new gift to the world: a chance to become a geek cultural icon! ThinkGeek has opened its creative process to the "smart masses" with its new IdeaFactory.

Have a great idea involving zombies and/or vampires and/or memes that screams to be a T-shirt or mug for consumption by the ironic world, but not sure how to make it happen? Now you may finally have your chance.

ThinkGeek's come one, come all IdeaFactory is an avenue for anyone to submit their idea for inclusion on ThinkGeek, for free. All you need to do is submit a written description of your idea along with an image (rendering or detailed drawling), and you'll receive a yay or nay within 60 days.

If your product gets the okay, ThinkGeek will not only handle the costs associated with development, manufacturing and marketing, you'll get paid $1,000 upfront and 10% of the royalties up to $1 million (5% above the million mark). You will even have the option to buy any quantity of your product at "a reasonable price" to sell on your own website, or to bring to conventions or other geekish gatherings.

Just think what everyone who you went to high school with will think when they find out it was your idea to design a T-shirt with a ghost coming out of a computer with a word bubble saying "BOOlean!" (Don't steal that one, I'm still working on it.)

Via ThinkGeek

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