Awesome couple gets married on beach, rides off on water jetpacks

Sorry Gears of War couple, but the coolest wedding of the week belongs to newlyweds Amanda Volf and Grant Engler. After exchanging vows n Newport Beach, California, the just married pair proceeded to ride $90,000 water jetpacks. How badass!

A former wedding planner herself, Volf told USA Today that she wanted a unique ceremony, she came up with idea of wearing water jetpacks and wetsuits. That doesn't mean the two didn't have any semblance of a traditional wedding. Engler had on a bow tie and Volf a hair veil.

To shield against the water, Volf had to wear waterproof makeup. From the looks of it, the newlyweds had a blast, despite only have learned how to ride the jetpacks three hours before the "ceremony."

Via HuffingtonPost

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