Australian scientists implant first-of-its-kind working bionic eye

A couple of years ago we told you about the advances being made to create the first working bionic eye by 2013. Well it turns out that the research group behind the development are ahead of schedule, ushering us into the dawn of commercial biomechanics right now.

The person outfitted with the bionic eye is 54-year-old Dianne Ashworth, who underwent the implant surgery back in May. Currently, she only has the ability to see spots of light and shapes using the bionic eye, but the Bionics Institute in Australia expects to improve the facility of the device in the near future to allow her to enjoy more distinct images using the implant. The bionic eye works using electrodes connected to a device fitted onto Ashworth's ear, which is connected to another processing device in the bionics lab.

Contrary to visions of a Borg-like image that some might associate with an optical implant, Ashworth's bionic eye looks quite normal. You can get your first looks at the future of biomechanics in the videos below.

Via TheAge

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