Audio visual pillbox reminds the forgetful to take their meds

Last week we saw how electronic pills could eventually keep track of our medications automatically, but until that's reality, we need a good way to remind forgetful people to pop those pills.

Even if they don't have a debilitating illness like Alzheimer's, older people tend to be more forgetful about things like taking pills. The problem however is that it's usually those same older folks who have a complicated pill routine they need to stick to.

To keep them on their meds, this pill case uses a combination of audio and visual reminders, and even tells them which pills to pop at a given time. Lots of pill holders have separate compartments for different times in each day, but they rely on the patient to remember to take them. With this pillbox, a blinking green LED and beeper reminds the person that it's pill popping time, then when you open it, the appropriate compartment is illuminated. There's even a list showing all of the pills and dosages a person is taking, with a physical example to show what each pill looks like.

Of course someone has to teach the box all of this information, so a USB port on the box lets you enter the data using a computer. Not all old folks are particularly computer savvy, but I'm sure Grandpa or Grandma's children or grand kids can be roped in to enter the data.

At $250, the Audio Visual Alerting Pillbox does seem kind of pricey, but that's really chump change compared to the cost of some prescription drugs these days. The box is available now from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Hammacher Schlemmer, via Ubergizmo

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