Atari and Microsoft resurrect arcade classics for free in HTML 5

Atari and Microsoft have announced a relaunch of eight video game classics for the Web and tablets. Asteroids, Pong, Missile Command and more are getting a makeover from existing Flash versions to HTML 5 to showcase the latest Web and tablet technologies. No need to search for quarters though, they are available free in the Atari Arcade.

The full list: Asteroids, Pong, Missile Command, Combat, Super Breakout, Lunar Landers and Yar's Revenge and Centipede.

Perhaps the most significant change from older Web versions is the addition of touchscreen capability, allowing users to tap their screens to play for more responsive gameplay. Users will also notice speedier gameplay and visual changes — like that Pong "ball" is no longer square but has been reborn as a real ball and more!

The partnership with Microsoft was designed to make use of and showcase their work on Internet Explorer 10 (IE10). While the games work across all browsers, the games are best showcased on IE10 that utilize a device's processing power to improve gameplay. After detecting the player's browser and machine, games can switch between 3D and 2D elements and move from 60 to 30 frames per second and back.

Additional updates include some multi-player and multi-touch technology, and the ability to play against your Facebook friends. Plus, even though these are the same retro games we remember, there are some updates to the graphics to bring them into the 21st century — like famous Pong ball mentioned above!

While the games are free in the Atari Arcade, those who are not using Microsoft IE browsers will see ads. The games will be available for your Windows 8 tablet soon, and gamers can expect more titles from the back catalog to be released when completed.

(Note to Developers: the partners are making sharing much of the technology work behind the project available via Git Hub.)

Atari Arcade, via Geekwire,

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