App stops creepy stalkers from stealing your Facebook pictures

Facebook is a great way to share pictures of your life with all of your friends, but how many of those 'friends' are actually kind of creepy? A new app from McAfee lets you control who can see each picture you upload individually, and stops everyone from saving the ones they can see.

McAfee Social Protection doesn't force you to make a blanket restriction the way Facebook's privacy settings do, so you can block your office manager from seeing those pictures of you dancing drunk at a bar in Cabo, while letting them see all of the nice pictures of your family and pets. If they try to see a picture that's blocked, all they'll get is a blurry pixelated version that reveals nothing.

Even if you are one of the chosen few who gets to see a picture, McAfee claims that the app will make it impossible to download, even using print screen or other common workarounds. Still, if you're really desperate, I guess they can't stop you from taking a picture of the screen with a camera.

Of course Facebook could easily incorporate this type of control if they wanted to, but for now it looks like you may need to rely on a third party app. McAfee Social Protection will be available later this month, so all you stalker types had better get those hot pictures of your coworkers at the beach downloaded pronto.

McAfee, via Gizmodo

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