Stare into this iPhone app to find out how healthy your heart is

Every time you think the magic of what smartphones can do has peaked, something else comes along to raise the bar. This time the magic crosses the threshold between tech and biology by giving you a way to check your health just by staring at your smartphone.

Developed by researchers at MIT, Cardiio is an iPhone app that detects your current heart rate by measuring the blood pumping into your face. All you do to get the app working is start it up and stare into the camera, preferably in an area where your face is well-lit without bright backlighting.

The app also offers charts that display your life expectancy based on your heart rate, the ability to track your heart rate over the course of time, and for fun compares your heart rate to other living things like cougars and chickens.

Cardiio is currently available for $4.99 in the iPhone App Store.

Via MedGadget

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