App lets you un-Instagram pictures and make them normal again

Are you tired of the Instagram effect? You know: all of those blurry, grainy or contrasty pics that make it look like the photographer traded in their fancy DSLR for a 1970s Instamatic? Well, now you can un-Instagram snaps with an app that undoes the Instagram filters to reveal the original image lurking inside.

Normalize was developed by Joe Macirowski because he got sick of people trying to make their snaps look all retro and cool while losing the detail of what the picture was supposed to be showing in the process. A Valencia filter is fine every now and then, but it gets old pretty quickly.

The app is completely automatic with no adjustments needed. You do have to import the shots from your picture library, so fixing other people's Instagrams requires a little work to download and save them. Still, if there's a picture you really like, you can now see it without the Instagram haze.

Normalize for Apple iOS is available now for 99 cents.

Normalize, via Huffington Post

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