It almost happened: Nintendo knitting attachment for NES

Did you think the torrent of Wii peripherals was bad? Think again. Nintendo's love for ridiculous console add-ons harkens back to the early NES days, as evidenced by this brochure for a "Nintendo Knitting Machine" attachment. Here's one add-on that we're happy was canned for its own good.

As with the silly Wii Vitality Sensor, the Nintendo Knitting Machine was a peripheral that was shown off to gauge public interest, but fell off the radar without any explanation. According to former Nintendo employee Howard Philips who posted the 1987 brochure on Facebook, the machine was pitched to Toys R Us chairman Charles Lazarus.

The copy on the brochure ad reads:

"It's not a game; not a toy; not something a young girl can outgrow in three or six months or even a year. It's a machine that interacts with the powerful Nintendo Entertainment System to actually knit sweaters and not just one or two patterns but a multitude of different and unique designs."

And here is the full scan:


A show of hands, how many of you people old enough to have been around for the NES would have bought this? Be honest now!

Facebook, via IGN

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