Space age drink mixing concept auto-preps the perfect cocktail

This loopy conceptual gadget promises to produce the perfect drink every time. Just add all the elements into the spout and — voilà! — a delectable cocktail is dispensed for your enjoyment.

There's not a lot for you, the drinker, to do here. First you browse through a programmed library to find the drink of your choice, and then a recipe tells you all the necessary ingredients and their measurements. Simply pour them inside and let the mixer do the rest before dispensing into your glass.

The mission of the wacky little cocktail maker seems to be two-fold. First, to act as sort of a virtual teacher you the recipe for your cocktails and then mixing them up for you. The second mission behind this device — and this is important — is pure fun.

After all, if you are reading a recipe and adding all the ingredients into the machine it's not much different from using an old fashioned cocktail shaker right? True, except a cocktail shaker isn't donut shaped, funky and an automatic machine.

It's called the Electrolux Hurricane, and the prototype drink mixer is the brainchild of student designer Kuan-ting Ho from the National Taipei University. It was recently chosen as a semi-finalist in the Electrolux Design Lab 2012 competition.

The competition judges on criteria such as intuitive design, innovation, aesthetic qualities and consumer insight. The semi-finalists will advance to a final round and the winner will ultimately receive a six-month paid internship at the Electrolux global design center, as well as a monetary prize.

Does the Electrolux Hurricane Drink Mixer meet all those criteria? Ours is not to answer — we'll leave that up to the judges. We'll just say this: sometimes things are invented for the sake of pure fun and design, and sometimes they are invented to make you look like the George or Judy Jetson of party hosts. Hurricane's got all that going on.

Electrolux Design Lab , via Trendhunter

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