Gallery: 3D-printed floral lamps bloom to put out more light

As 3D printing matures, designers can build more complexity and flexibility into their ideas. It's part of what makes the incredibly detailed and lovely Bloom Table Lamp work. This 3D printed lamp with multiple petals actually opens up as a flower would to offer more light.

Designer Patrick Jouin was inspired by the way plants respond to their environment when he created the design behind the table lamp. After nature inspires, then technology takes over.

If you're curious about the process, the design is first converted into a CAD file and then this technical drawing is converted into an .MGX file, which the production software uses to render the design as 3D printable. Then, the printing begins, piece by beautiful piece.

In this case, the result is a beautiful table lamp that brings a little bit of the functionality exhibited by nature into the home, thanks to the high-tech functionality of 3D printing.

Have a look through the gallery to see the lamp in various stages of bloom — you can see the number and detail of the petals that shows off both high end design and 3D printing in it's best light.

Patrick Jouin, via Inhabitat

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