World's first compostable toothbrush and 2 more Healthy stories

In this week's edition of Healthy Tech, we look at the world's first compostable toothbrush, Samsung launches S Health for tracking blood pressure and blood glucose levels from your phone and Microsoft launches Kinect PlayFit.


1. World Centric Launches Plant-Based Compostable Toothbrush

How many toothbrushes have I thrown out in my lifetime that I got for free at the dentist? (Don't they know I have an electric!) Probably at least twenty or thirty. Multiple that by the millions and millions of people that go to the dentist every year and you've got a huge waste problem.

That's why it was interesting to see World Centric announce this week — and they estimate that some 450 million plastic toothbrushes make it to landfills every year — the world's first plant-based compostable toothbrush. Made of a plant based resin called Ingeo, the toothbrushes have been certified compostable by the Biodegredable Products Institute and are designed to fully compost within three to six months when they arrive at a commercial composting facility. In other words, you can not throw it away in a landfill.

To get around the problem of possibly not having a commercial composting facility in your area, World Centric provides a prepaid envelope so customers can return their toothbrush when they're done and they'll take care of it.

The toothbrush and its case come in blue, green and orange and will only sell for $4.55. They'll be available at natural grocery stores, some Whole Food stores and



2. Samsung Launches S Health to Track Blood Pressure and More

Looking for a health app on your fancy new Samsung Galaxy S III? Then look no further than Samsung's own app, S Health.

The app allows users to monitor their weight, blood pleasure and blood sugar levels by pairing their phone with new, approved meters from Lifescan, Omron and other companies. The devices sync over Bluetooth or the micro USB port at the bottom of the phone.

Data will be collected in graphs and tables for evaluation, and can be shared through a variety of social media platforms.

What's most surprising about the app is that it isn't for typical, lighter fare fitness and physical tracking like miles walked, calories burned, etc. (Though it'll do that.) By allowing users to track blood pressure and blood glucose, Samsung is making sure to appeal to those with medical conditions over a prolonged period of time.

Via The Verge


3. Microsoft Launches Kinect PlayFit on Xbox Live for Free

This week, Microsoft launched the Kinect PlayFit as a free download on Xbox Live for all Xbox members.

Kinect PlatFit is a fitness dashboard that will aggregate and track the calories you burn as you play through a variety of Kinect game. Obvious games like Dance Central 2 and Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012 are in there, but it'll even track your calories in Kinect Star Wars. (No word if it'll track calories you burn when screaming in frustration while playing Steel Battalion.)

You can view your personal stats over time and also see how well you rank against other Xbox Live members. More importantly, you can earn PlayFit Achievements, Gamerscore and Avatar Awards within Kinect PlayFit.

Via Major Nelson

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