World's smallest house costs only $300 and can be wheeled around

Did you think Christian Schallert's "tiny" 258 square-foot apartment was cramped? Wait until you get a load of Bo Le-Mentzal's 10 square-foot (one square-meter) box house. It's the most barebones house ever created and could be the world's smallest one, too.

The One Square-Meter House (OSMH) is not the kind of house that comes to mind when people think about becoming a homeowner. On the contrary, Le-Mentzal's OSMH was designed to stir discussion on materialism and living space; what do and don't we need?

As a result the OSMH provides only the essentials: a roof, a foldout desk, a window, a lockable door, and can be tilted on its to be converted into sleeping space.

"It's a good discussion, at the moment, to have," he said. "To think about what you really need. How much space do you really need to be happy? I think one square meter is not enough for most people, but it makes you think about what you really need and what you don't need."

With no bathroom, kitchen or storage space, the OSMH isn't going to replace Levittowns anytime soon, but should challenge people to pare down on the amount of material goods they collect over time.

If not, the OSMH could even be good as private temporary sanctuaries for people to just take quick pit stops in. Le-Mentzal says he wouldn't have any objection to that idea:

"If someday you'd have an app on your iPhone, or your smartphone, where can say 'Where is the next one square meter of freedom in this place? I need to calm down or I need to concentrate. I need to pray or cry or whatever -- I would just like to be by myself now for just a couple of minutes or for the whole night.'

Best of all, Le-Mentzal's OSMH is open source. You can request the plans and build your very own OSMH. The only thing Le-Mentzal asks for return is your story on what you're doing with your OSMH.


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