Wireless induction LEDs would add extra awesome to Lego models

I'm a huge fan of the life-like Lego creations that people dream up. We've giant skylines, portal guns, sci-fi scenes and a gazillion other models we all drool over. Some of them have lights to add greatness to the overall effect of the model, but there's always the same problem: how do you power those little lights?

What if adding light was as simple as using special wireless LED induction bricks? That's right — no wires, battery backs or anything else that might ruin your design.

How does is work? Well, each mini LEDs Lego brick would have two sets of coils built in. One coil receives power from a special baseplate that has the induction circuitry inside; the other coil passes along the power that originated in the baseplate to the next brick in the stack.

Simply put, you lock your special LED brick into the baseplate and start building from there, daisy-chaining bricks as you go.

Right now the concept being floated calls for simple 1x1 configurations, but that could scale up. The colors could expand, too — whether in the color of the LED or in the brick itself.

The designer — known only as Samuq — floated the idea on Lego Cuusoo, a destination for Lego fans to submit their working projects and ideas to other Lego fans for discussion and support. If you get more than 10,000 supporters on your project then there is a chance that it could become an actual Lego product if Lego officials see it and like it in one of their quarterly reviews.

As if getting a product made by Lego wasn't enough you could also receive 1% of the profits.

Here's hoping that Samuq's idea gains some traction. We're hoping fame and fortune await this anonymous Lego geek, but more than that we want to have really cool, easily lighted models to write about sometime in the near future.

It's a fantastic idea, and after all, if the bricks perform tricks like lighting up without wires and complicated bits and pieces that just leaves more room for the model itself to become complex.

It sort of makes you wonder what the next level of Lego geekery might produce…light is surely just the beginning.

Lego Cuusoo, via Technabob

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