Wee little wooden music boxes set your iPad in motion

Each one of these music boxes is special; set one on top of your iPad, crank the handle and you'll get a unique treat. The boxes interact with the device to create little tunes and whimsical animations that dance around the screen.

Joelle Aeschlimann's "Little Boxes" project is a digital take on the music box box. To make the boxes she used the rubber tips from pens attached to the bottom of the boxes and a conductive metal crank. When the boxes are placed on top of the iPad, Adobe Air iOS software recognizes the pressure from the box and the rotation of the mechanical movements created by the turning of the lever.

Like magic music and images are created.

Aeschlimann created the "Little Boxes" prototypes as part of her studies at the University of Art & Deign, Lausanne, Switzerland. Perhaps it's not a surprising choice given that Switzerland is considered as the home of the music box, which was first created in the early 1800s.

The "Little Boxes" project shows off the skills of the next generation of Switzerland's designers, coupled with the traditions of its past artisans. It's a pretty sweet update on an old fashioned craft.

Joelle Aeschlimann, via DesignBoom

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