Watch an augmented reality date with Japan's top virtual pop star

A couple of years ago we introduced you to Japan's first successful holographic singing idol Hatsune Miku. Since then its popularity has only grown, so much so that one fan even decided to hack together an augmented reality date with the blue-haired celebrity.

Using an ASUS Xtion (a motion-sensing device like the Kinect), a bit of code, and a head mounted display, the avatar hacker calling himself Alcyone, takes Miku out into the real world. At one point he even interacts with the avatar by pushing it on the head, eliciting a real-time reaction from Miku.

The possible applications for this kind of augmented reality dynamic are vast: tutors, museum docents, etc. You can see the unnervingly realistic augmented reality date in the video below.

Via Hackaday

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