Watch two 3,000-pound cars drive through a giant loop-de-loop

Remember when kids used to race Hot Wheels through those insane loop-de-loop tracks? Guess what? Hot Wheels and X Games got together to drive two suped up race cars through a 60-foot double loop. How'd it all end? Click on for the full video!

Go ahead and hit play on the video below. We'll wait for you to finish.

Done? Three-time X-game gold medalist Tanner Foust and six-time Pikes Peak champ Greg Tracy sure made that stunt look easy, didn't they?

They're professionals, so it's a given that they know what they're doing, but how did they really pull off that dizzying stunt?

Well, it's a pretty geeky stuff, but we'll tell you anyway. In order for the cars to stay on the track, the drivers need to control three forces: acceleration, gravity, and normal force (the force perpendicular to the plane of contact — in this case, the loop).

Based on calculations, engineers determined that the drivers would need to maintain a 48 to 52 miles per hour speed so that the tires wouldn't lose contact on track.

Mess one of those three up and things would have gone from fun to fatal in seconds.

To ensure the stunt was a success, the drivers trained in fighter planes to accustom themselves to getting slammed with 7Gs of acceleration and tuned their cars to have higher suspensions (three inches higher than normal) and tires inflated to 80 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Was it worth it? Hell yeah! Foust and Tracy are now in the Guinness World Records for simultaneously driving two cars through a six-story double loo and you just watched it happen.

YouTube, via ESPN

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