Video: How to mod your iPhone for case-free wireless charging

Not happy with how the iPhone doesn't have built-in wireless charging, YouTube user Tanveer went ahead and modded his very own. Unlike induction charging kits, this mod doesn't require any ugly cases to get the wireless recharge going.

The process is sort of complex, so if you're squeamish about opening up your iPhone, this mod probably isn't for you. Oh, and you should know how to solder, too.

To learn how to perform the mod, just watch the video below, but if you want the brief version, the installation is just a matter of disassembling a Powermat iPhone charging case, soldering a few pins and wires to a spare back panel and spare charging accessory, then closing it all back up.

Warning: If your iPhone breaks, Apple won't cover it under any warranties. Proceed at your own risk.

YouTube, via Lifehacker and Cult of Mac

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