Video: Google Nexus 7 vs. new iPad in ground and water drop test

It's always tough to watch somebody out there go and take the latest gadgets — in this case, a Nexus 7 and new iPad — and destroy them on purpose. Which tablet will come out less damaged? The only way to find out is to watch this video.

Presented by the folks at SquareTrade, the two tablets will get bruised in three challenges: 1) dropped on the ground 2) knocked off from table and 3) dunked under water in a bathtub.

Why are they doing this? No reason; just for fun, and because they can afford to do it. That's three Nexus 7 tablets and three new iPads that were volunteered to be harmed. Bless those brave tablets!

In the drop test, the Nexus 7's screen makes it out OK. It suffered some minor scuffs along the edges, but its matte back and black body design makes the damage very subtle-looking. Things aren't so good for the new iPad, though, as a direct hit to the corner basically set up a crack all the way up one side of the Retina display.

Winner: Nexus 7

Next up is the shorter "knocked off table" test. Once again, the Nexus 7 comes out virtually unscathed — its glass screen intact and a few light scuffs along the sides of the device. The new iPad takes it to the face better this time around; its corner only scuffed, but its display still works.

Winner: TIE

For the final test — the water test — both tablets are playing a video before getting submerged. Impressive even in the water test, the Nexus 7 comes up fully functional — with audio working flawlessly. On the iPad front, the device seemed to still work, but audio was dead.

Winner: Nexus 7

The result: the Nexus 7 is way more durable than the new iPad. We'll let you factor that into your tablet purchasing decision.

Via YouTube

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