Video: $30,000 PC gaming room is a hardcore gamer's paradise

When it comes to having the best gear or the biggest collections, gamers don't mess around. Few can boast about having $30,000 worth of gaming gear, but YouTube user Maxishine can. And boy does his little batcave full of PCs make us envious.

Accrued over a handful of years, Maxishine's gaming room has three gaming PCs (three of which run Intel Core i5 processors with AMD Radeon HD 770 GPUs), a Synology NAS with a combined 30 terabytes worth of storage (10 drives with 3TB each), Logitech G9, G13 and G9x gaming keyboards, LG 42-inch LED HDTV, and a full water-cooled SR-2 Dual Xeon six-core gaming tower with EVGA GeForce GTX 580 Hydro Copper Tri SLI graphics

Whew, and that's just on one side of the room. In the other corner of the 30K gaming room, sits a three-screen (30-inches per screen) Fanatec Racing simulator with a GTX 690 graphics, rev burner gauges, CSR Elite wheels and pedals, Thrustmaster shifter and Frex handbrake.

Luckily, as a racing fanatic, I know what half of those are, but I'm willing to bet most people don't. That's OK, if you got a little lost there. Just watch the video and your mouth will fall to the floor.

Impressive as his gaming rig is, we know it isn't the most expensive or badass one out there. Do you have a gaming rig that you just have to show us? Post your gaming rig in the comments below and we'll let the commenters decide if it's hot or not.

YouTube, via Geeky Gadgets

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