Use coins to pay for your apps with the NFC gumball machine

The wide variety of possible uses for NFC technology are still being explored, mostly in ways that simply add a technology layer to old ways of completing transactions. But a new contraption that started as a gumball modification project could point the way toward the real future of this technology.

The NFC Gumball machine, created by a team at the Razorfish office in Frankfurt, Germany, allows you to deposit coins into an old school gumball machine to pay for smartphone apps transferred to your device via NFC. After you twist the metal lever, you pass your phone in front of the machine and it delivers apps, movies, songs, and ebooks.

For the experiment, the team used a Samsung Galaxy Tab, an NFC shield, and two Arduino microcontrollers. You can see the NFC Gumball machine in action in the video below.

via Designboom

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