Urbanana: urban banana plantations bring tropical fruit to cities

It's practically impossible to get a good banana outside of the tropics. The bananas that you'll find at the supermarket, called Cavendish bananas, taste like mush compared to tropical varieties, but because the Cavendish travels well, that's all we get. Urbanana (Urbanana!) is a concept that would allow tropical fruits to be grown in cities instead.

According to some banana experts, the tastiest banana in the world comes from the Philippines. It's called the Lacatan, and its rich and creamy flavor makes the Cavendish bananas that you're used to eating taste like sawdust in contrast. To bring tasty exotic fruits that don't handle long journeys well to people like you, SOA Architects has conceptualized a building called Urbanana (Urbanana!).

Urbanana (Urbanana!) is a vertical indoor greenhouse where bananas and other tropical species can thrive no matter what the climate is like outside. The initial design is targeted for Paris, and it looks sort of like an Apple store where all the iPods have been replaced with banana plants, with huge glass windows and a minimalist aesthetic. The majority of the banana growing is done automatically, and hungry Parisians can wander around on the ground floor and pick from lots of varieties of unspeakably fresh fruits all year 'round.

See how it all comes together in a little gallery, below.

SOA Architects, via Inhabitat

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