Urban car of the future powered by hydrogen, made of cardboard

Every year the Shell Eco-marathon presents a global competition for student teams to create novel vehicles that "travel the furthest on the least amount of energy." One entry from Aston University has taken the renewable vehicle concept to another level of wacky, forward-looking green design.

The competition seeks out vehicular creations that will go as far as possible utilizing one liter of fuel (about a quarter of one gallon for you Yanks). The Aston Team's design was entered in the "urban concept" category (see video below) of the Marathon's Rotterdam leg (other legs of the 2012 Marathon are held in Houston, Texas and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and they walked away with this year's Eco-Design Award for their hydrogen-powered wooden car.

Yes, those two things can exist together.

The vehicle's chassis is constructed out of cardboard and plywood with bio-infused fibers for body panels. But the tiny sustainable beast is powered by a Nexa Ballard Hydrogen Fuel Cell.

The team describes the project as an "IKEA style car which could be assembled by slotting the panels together."

Check out some images of the construction and final product in the gallery below.

Via Inhabitat