Ultra-sleek McLaren JetSet missed its calling as a flying car

We can't help but feel that German designer Marianna Merenmies is teasing us a little bit with her McLaren JetSet concept. After all, don't those rear wheel housings look suspiciously like wings? We think so, but apparently Merenmies is after a super light, super sleek one-seater city car for the world of tomorrow.

Merenmies' JetSet won her second prize in last year's International Design Awards for concept vehicles that use alternate fuel sources. The JetSet is all electric, and Merenmies' decision to forgo a rear seat allows her to pare the car's aft down to the basics. You won't get a lot of trunk space (or even a second seat for another passenger), but the JetSet is all about being a light and zippy ride for one.

You can see more of the McLaren JetSet concept in the gallery below.

Marianna Merenmies, via Yanko Design

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