Sustainable home design powered by pig poo

Architects Joshua Bolchover and John Lin's Rural Urban Framework (RUFWORK) project seeks to "engage in the rural-urban transformation of China." The team constructed a self-sufficient rural farm house that has been designed to provide natural ventilation, collect rain water, and create power from pig feces.

The project's "House for All Seasons" in northeast China's Shijia Village combines many elements of a traditional rural courtyard residence with modern design elements to create an entirely self-sufficient village house.

With this project, RUFWORK hopes to devise a way to make rural residents less dependent on outside goods and services within the confines of a largely self-contained building. The blocky structure contains various courtyards which can hold a pig pen and an underground biogas boiler that can generate energy from what the pigs would be creating anyway.

The house also utilizes wide staircases which can be used to plant crops inside the structure's enclosure. And residents can use leftover pig mess slurry as fertilizer. Rain water is collected on the roof and can be stored for usage all throughout the year.

The house won first place in this year's AR House Awards from Architectural Review.

Inhabitat, via Dezeen