Stackable Tetris lights let you create your own custom lamp

No matter how shiny game graphics will get, Alexey Pajitnov's cult classic puzzle game Tetris will always remain a favorite. So what happens when you mix the puzzler's iconic blocks with LEDs? You get this slick configurable lamp that's hot enough to lick.

Out of all the Tetris tributes, the sofa cushions and couch, this officially licensed set of Tetris LED blocks is the best.

Each set comes with seven pieces, each with their own lights inside. When the blocks are stacked together (any configuration), they complete the circuit and the entire piece lights up. Remove the pieces and the lights turn off.

It's simple, it's fun,'s expensive. Firebox has them for $47 and Amazon just sold out (available again in late October).

I'm not one for lamp shopping, but I'd buy this one without hesistation, if it was available on Amazon.

To see a video demo of the Tetris Light lamp, head on over to Firebox's site.

Via BoingBoing, via Firebox

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