Sony's even smaller PS3 breaks cover, shows itself in blurry pics

Without so much as a blip from Sony, leaks of a redesigned PlayStation 3 that's both smaller and slimmer (and hopefully cheaper) have finally leaked onto the Internet. Here are the first spy shots from Sony's shrink ray gun.

Leaked by Brazilian website Tecnoblog, the photos you see in the gallery below show a PlayStation 3 that ditches the slot-loading optical drive for what looks to either be a pop-up tray or sliding tray (as mocked up by NeoGAF member "MYE").

The two front USB 2.0 are still there and a removable 2.5-inch HDD looks to be a lock as well. Around the back, there's one HDMI port, an ethernet port, digital audio out (optical), AV multi-out and a power cable port — which are the same ones found on the current PS3 slim.

Of more interest is that three models are listed in Tecnoblog's leak, each with a different amount of internal storage: CECH-4011A (16GB), CECH-4011B (250GB) and CECH-4011C (500GB).

We're not certain if that 16GB model is a typo and is really supposed to be 160GB, but if it's not, it means Sony is bringing a low-end PS3 that'll compete directly with the Xbox's 4GB model. The end result could be a significantly cheaper PS3 that starts at $200. Sony's lowest-priced PS3 is currently a 160GB model for $250.

NeoGAF member "Mojo" also made a size-comparison mock-up that gives you an idea of how much smaller the new PS3 could be:


From the looks of it, a new PS3 is definitely looking like a shoe-in. Sony will most likely announce the slimmer console at next month's Gamescom in Germany.

Tecnoblog, via TheGamerScene

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