Sonic Screwdriver remote controls any TV with wavy gestures

Dr. Who fans, a Sonic Screwdriver might never become a reality, but there's hope for you Tardis-loving geeks yet. Behold, the Sonic Screwdriver universal TV remote with programmable gestures. This is about as close to a real Sonic Screwdriver as you're going to get.

Built from copper plates and die-cast metal, the Mark VII Sonic Screwdriver is the ultimate prop for Dr. Who lovers. Like we said, it's also an infrared remote. With 13 programmable gestures and three memory banks, you can store 39 gestures to control virtually any gadget that takes IR remotes.

For example, ThinkGeek's product description says that you can "Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the volume on your iPod dock; flick the Sonic Screwdriver up and down to change TV channels or navigate the program guide; and even open your DVD tray by pulling back on the Sonic Screwdriver."

Also built into the Sonic Screwdriver remote are authentic sounds and lights that go off when you complete a gesture control and a lock code to prevent villains from screwing (sorry!) up your Screwdriver settings.

You'll need to bring two AAA batteries to the table to get the Screwdriver going, though.

How much to become The Doctor? $100. When can you become him? September 1. Come on, admit it, this is just way cooler than the Sonic Screwdriver Wii remote.

Via ThinkGeek

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