Video: U.S. soldier puts DSLR toughness to the test

In a move that could be a perfect commercial for Pentax, U.S. Army soldier Alex Jansen dumped some fresh Afghani sand on top of his prized DSLRs, then proceeded to wash them off in the base showers. After that ordeal, he shows that they are none the worse for wear, and shoots a couple of pictures.

The cameras are two Pentaxes, a K-5 and a K-7, and both are equipped with extended zoom lenses and the optional D-BG4 weather-sealed battery grip. Apparently that weather sealing part isn't just a sales gimmick, because Alex does things to these cameras that borders on what I would call cruel and unusual punishment.

I don't think I'll be trying this trick with my Canon anytime soon.

DIY Photography, via Peta Pixel

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