Smartphone case hides a BlackBerry-style keyboard on your iPhone

We all know touchscreens are cool, but when it comes to typing long messages, they still leave something to be desired. To remedy this problem a new iPhone case offers what may be the Holy Grail of iPhone keyboards.

The Spike iPhone case functions as a simple case when you need your touchscreen, and when you need to type out messages a real keyboard swings out from the case's back. Essentially, the device gives BlackBerry lovers all the convenience of the tactile keyboard they love, with the apps and smartphone power of the popular iPhone. The project, launched by a veteran keyboard designer and his son, got its start on Kickstarter and quickly received more funding than required.

Going on sale in September, the base model will cost $35, and the premium version will cost $60. You can see the Spike case in action in the video below.

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