Single-hand watch simplifies all that 'big hand, little hand' stuff

Most kids today grow up reading digital clocks on their phones and computers, so they may be confused by all that "when the big hand is on the two, and the little hand is on the three" stuff. Just for them, there's now an analog watch that makes things simple, with just one hand to tell you the time.

The Defakto Detail single hand watch dispenses with those pesky minute and second hands, leaving just one pointer to tell you more of less what the hour is. To ensure at least some semblance of accuracy, the dial has markings for hours, 15 minute intervals, and five minute intervals, so you shouldn't be more than a few minutes early or late to appointments. Still, if punctuality is important, the Defakto probably isn't for you.

The Defakto Detail is available now for about $340.

Defakto, via Gizmodo

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