Video: Insane exercise machine dethrones the Shake Weight (NSFW-ish)

Step aside, there's a new fitness machine in town called the "Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power!" We tried really hard to watch this Korean commercial, but it's practically impossible to not crack up at these fitness trainers gyrating on what is essentially a bike seat strapped to a pair of metal legs.

It goes without saying that since we mentioned the Shake Weight and the fact that people are gyrating on these fitness "machines" that the video might be slightly NSFW. The contents might offend those who have higher levels of maturity, but should be an absolute blast to watch for those who don't. WARNING: there's a lot of crotch shots.

With nothing to go on except for the video uploader's description, we can safely declare that this might be the greatest fitness invention ever invented, ever.

For all you fitness buffs out there saying, "I wish I could get the workout of a horseback ride in the comfort of my living room," then this is the routine for you. From what we can tell, the device is meant to chisel your core, butt and thighs as you struggle to stay on a small seat that bucks and gyrates like an angry bronco. Bonus: Judging by the crazy pelvic thrusts these demo models are doing, it might remind you to do your Kegels, too.

Laugh all you want, but if the Ace Power! can produce results, all of you doubters out there will be the ones crying when your friends have perfectly sculpted thighs and derrieres.

Via YouTube

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