See all the Dark Knight's wonderful toys in one 8-minute supercut

Batman has always been the gadget-lover's superhero. If you need a reminder to that end, here's his expansansive arsenal from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and, though not comprehensively, The Dark Knight Rises.

This supercut compilation is the work of Jeremy Scott from the Cussing Channel, who meticulously combed through the first two movies starring Christian Bale and trailers for the third to find every piece of tech Batman whips out or drives, from the trusty Tumbler to his completely ludicrous cellphone-powered omni-vision. If you look close, there's even a "fancy bat box." What's up with that thing?

See it all in the video below. Handy to have it all in one place, too, before the Dark Knight, y'know, rises.

The Cussing Channel, via Wired

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