Seaweed based pizza is so healthy you can eat it for every meal

Call me a pizza snob, but I have never been the type who eats cold slices for breakfast after a night of pizza indulgence. But now a Scottish scientist has developed a pizza that he claims is so totally balanced and complete, that you can eat it for every meal without risk of becoming a human blimp.

The aptly named Professor Mike Lean, says that his pizza has a perfect blend of fats, carbs and proteins, and includes lots of added vitamins and other nutrients to keep you healthy. One key secret ingredient is Hebridean seaweed, which gives you a salty flavor while adding just a fraction of the sodium content of salt.

Of course none of this matters if the taste sucks. Lean says that he got the thumbs up from a panel of 100 tasters, but looking at the video on the BBC site it appears that they were all 3rd graders. I'll wait until we can compare it to some real New York pizza, otherwise you can fuhgeddaboudit.

The healthy pizzas will be available in the frozen food aisle of some British supermarkets later this year. No word on whether they will eventually cross the pond.

BBC News, via Gizmodo

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