Salt blasting shotgun eradicates insects with extreme prejudice

Along with the summer heat comes all manner of insectoid pests, but the most hated is most certainly the fly. Flyswatters are messy and sprays put poison in the air, so a clean, eco-friendly solution would be a welcome solution. Enter: The Bug-A-Salt gun.

The Bug-A-Salt takes normal table salt and makes it weapon against house flies while giving you the feeling of being on a special ops mission on enemy terrain. Designed by Lorenzo Maggiore, the device is both fun and effective. Just load up the salt chamber, cock the barrel, flip off the safety switch and you're ready to start taking out the tiny winged critters.

To get a sense of the dark whimsy involved in creating the product, Lorenzo's website features quotes like "Deep in the DNA of Man exists a killer gene" and "No one pities the fly." Bonus points for the photoshopped image of Charlton Heston waving the Bug-A-Salt maniacally above his head.

The Bug-A-Salt will go on sale soon for just $30 a piece. In the meantime you can see Lorenzo blowing away unsuspecting flies with the gun in slow motion in the video below.

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