Rumor: Apple will officially announce the iPhone 5 next month

With so much smoke surrounding the iPhone 5, there's bound to be fire nearby. According to one website's inside sources, Apple could be planning to take the wraps off the iPhone 5 in early August, with a launch shortly after.

If KnowYourMobile's intel is accurate, the next iPhone will be announced on August 7. Aside from citing a "reliable industry source" who allegedly hails from Asia, no other new information on the iPhone 5 was provided. Wired says that iOS 6 would also arrive with the next iPhone.

The earlier-than-expected "leak" date (it's still widely expected Apple won't launch the iPhone until September or October), comes a day after KitGuru published photos of what it claimed was a test model of the iPhone 5 (the post has since been removed from KitGuru, but photos can be found here).

KitGuru's alleged test model leak closely resemble those leaked in May by 9to5Mac.

TechRadar remains skeptic to the date, though. The tech blog reminds everybody that KnowYourMobile has been wrong about Apple rumors in the past and has no proven track record. That's not to say this rumor can't be correct, but take it with a grain of salt

Apple released the iPhone 4S last October, breaking its summer cycle of launching the a new iPhone.

The iPhone 5 is expected to have a similar form factor the iPhone 4/4S. Replacing the rear's glass panel will be a unibody metal construction. The audio jack appears to have shifted to the bottom of the iPhone, the speakers should be of higher quality, and the overall device thinner. The hallmark of the next iPhone will be a bump up in size for the Retina display: 3.5-inches to 4-inches.

Could Apple put a quick hose on the hoo-hah that the Samsung Galaxy S III has been enjoying because of a lack of a new iPhone? It could very well happen.

KnowYourMobile, via Wired

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