Ridiculously complete game archive auctioned for $1.2 million

What do we mean by ridiculously complete? Well, this collection includes full game catalogs and the hardware for 22 different gaming systems. That's a jaw dropper, folks.

For most of us, reaching a full collection for just one gaming system might take a few years in pursuit of such nirvana. But, for the lucky winner of this eBay auction the path to enlightenment was achieved relatively quickly with just a few clicks and just over $1.2 million.
The auction, which recently concluded contained the following:

— Nintendo (Famicon, Famicon Disk, Virtual Boy, Super Famicon, N64, NDD64 and GameCube with 3,299 games)

— Sega (Mark 3 & Master System-Japan, Master System-Europe, Game Gear, Megadrive, 32 X, Mega CD, Saturn and Dreamcast with 2,864 games)

— PC Engine (Hucard, Supergrfx, CD, Super CD, Arcade CD and FX with over 738 games)

— Pioneer Laseractive, with total games not listed

The games are reportedly in mint condition with some still in their factory wrapping. Where the seller got all these games, or how long it took them to build this collection isn't known. That would likely be an interesting story…

Nor do we know who the buyer is. That's probably a good thing because no doubt they don't want uninvited friends dropping by to borrow a cup of sugar and play Pioneer Laseractive, or anyone camping on their lawn.

So while the rest of us mere mortals can now put away the mortgages to our houses and resist the temptation for robbing a bank, let's wish this mystery buyer happy gaming!

Via Geek.com, Technabob

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