RFID ring lets you access London's train system with your finger

As RFID technology continues to permeate nearly every facet of how we pay for things, a subculture of hacking the platform has emerged and given rise to a number of interesting dynamics. A popular trend in the UK involves hacking into the country's transit system smart card and making wearable access devices with the RFID chips.

The process of removing the RFID chip from the London Oyster Card has been documented a number of times online over the last few years with people reposting the chip in a variety of fashion accessories. A great example of this is Dhani Sutanto's Oyster Ring, which contains the RFID chip and antenna that can be used to pay for rides on the London train system. Of course, the London transit authorities prohibit hacking the Oyster Card, but that hasn't stopped the trend.

Nevertheless, these inventive RFID refittings, which turn mundane objects into magically powerful tech talismans, should serve as inspiration for future official versions of RFID devices. Sutanto offers details on how he made the ring on his site, and you can see the Oyster ring in action in the video below.

via FashioningTech

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