Retro-tech: block of wood acts as a megaphone for your iPad

Pretty much everyone I know listens to music on their tablet. Most listen with earphones, which are great when you're going mobile. But for those of us who are chained to our desktops and looking for a way to amplify our tunes with some retro charm, the Sounder will do the trick.

The Sounder is as simple as a 100% reclaimed block of wood that has been hand fashioned by New York based designer Howard Fink. The idea is pretty simple. The special slot that holds your iPad at a special angle that directs the sound through a "horn" or an inverted semicircle carved out of the base.

Fink explains that the Sounder operates not unlike the human voice. If the iPad is the vocal chords, the slot that holds it and feeds the sound into the hord is the throat, and the horn or curved opening is the mouth.

Essentially, the Sounder is a natural amplifier.

The simplicity of the Sounder is exactly what makes it so appealing. The design mimicking the ultimate amplifier — the human mouth — helps make up for the iPads low output speakers and the fact the speakers are pointed away from your ears.

Plus, the Sounder isn't made with just any old blocks of wood. Fink has sourced the wood from places like 19th century buildings and the Coney Island boardwalk and hand makes each object. That's pretty cool — and an interesting juxtaposition to your sleek 21st century device.

The Sounder is designed for the iPad, but also works for the iPhone 4/4S and e-readers.
Fink is funding the project through Kickstarter. As of writing, he has only raised just over $7,000 towards a $50 thousand dollar goal with nine days left to go.

You can check out Fink's video below and if you like his product head over to his page to buy in.

Kickstarter, via EarthTechling

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